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Weebly is a more restricted drag & drop website builder, and only allows you to insert elements into specific containers that make up the chosen Weebly template. 

Weebly gives you less control in inserting and customizing content, but it allows for a easier & consistent layout! 

Wix is a pure drag & drop website builder, and is easy to use as you just need to drag in content from the toolbar to build out your site.

Wix gives you more freedom to insert and customize content anywhere on your site, allowing full control over the layout! This may make it a little more difficult to use.

With a more restricted drag & drop builder, fewer layout options, and less customization, you will spend less time editing your portfolio.


This means you can probably finish your portfolio in a short amount of time!

With more drag & drop, layout options, and customization options you will spend more time editing and tweaking your portfolio. 

This means you will probably have to invest more time to finish your portfolio!

Weebly has fewer tools & stylistic options available for content elements

The tools and features of Weebly are basic, such as simply inserting images and buttons. Weebly doesn't offer a lot of flexibility, which keeps your site fairly simple.


You will have less tools, styling control, and features, but this way you don't have to work too much on your site! 



Wix offers more tools  & stylistic options for content elements

Wix offers many interactive features such as hover boxes, lightboxes and anchors. Wix increases your flexibility to make your site unique.

You will have more tools, styling control, and features so you can get more creative in building your site!




 To see a chart comparison of the different features each platform offers, click below. 


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